5 Super Tips on How to Dominate in London Speed Dating

Speed dating is an over-looked form of dating that can yield fantastic results. As we are becoming more busy in our professional lives or are busy studying a course, it becomes harder to find the time to meet a potential dating partner. Especially, in a fast-paced city like London.

A city like London is extremely cosmopolitan and offers a wide-range of social options, from visiting great pubs and clubs, to strolling in fantastic parks such as Hyde Park and Regents Park, to visiting the scores of historic museums and art galleries. With so many cultures meeting in meeting which is shown in the wide-range of cuisine and activities on offer, London is a perfect spot for one to hit the single dating scene.

However, there is a setback in such a large city when it comes to dating.

For a long time your options were limited to meeting girls through your friends, work or out in bars and clubs. Well if there are no potential dates you can meet through your friends or work (I personally like to avoid dating people at work) then you are really limited to meeting girls at bars and clubs. However, the types of girls you meet at girls and bars and club might not be what you are looking for.

For one it is harder to start a conversation and secondly they normally flock in group of friends, which makes it even harder to meet them. But don’t get me wrong, there are ways to meet girls in bars and clubs and I do teach techniques on how to do that, but that is left for another time.

So what are your remaining options then?

Well in the last couple of years online dating has taken off and that seems to be growing in popularity. That was once considered a taboo form of dating and was frowned up. Very few people participated in online dating and the ones who did were normally nerdy or socially awkward. However, that also has changed and has been turning into a mainstream form of dating. But still there are many issues with online dating.

For one you can never be sure if they look like their picture. Believe me, I been through this many times. Secondly, just because you get on via e-mail doesn’t mean you will build chemistry in person. The bottom line it can be quite time consuming and not give you a good return for your efforts.

So this leaves us with: Speed Dating!

This can be a great way to meet potential dates. The way it works is it is an interaction with a mixed group of people, about 20 guys and 20 girls. You usually meet at a bar (in a private section) where a bunch of tables I spread out. Each girl sits at a table and the guys rotate talking to each girl. You have about 2-3 minutes, sometimes 5-10 minutes to speak to each girl then the bell rings and you move to the next one. This can be an excellent strategy to meet girls to date.

So I’m going to share with you my: 5 Super Tips For Speed Dating In A City Like London:

1. Don’t act like everyone else and ask the same stupid questions. Yes you heard me, you will be surprised how many women get bored out of their mind with stupid or dull questions they get asked. Never ask the questions like “Where are you from?”, “What do you do for a living?”…blah blah blah…..Big no no”

2. Ask Fun and Creative Questions. That Makes You Seem Exciting and Interesting. This does wonders. Remember, you only got a few minutes to make an impression, so better make it good. Ask questions like “What’s your favourite place you visited?”. Ask her questions about food, music, adventure. Keep the questions light and fun.

3. You Take The Lead. Make sure you are the one asking the questions. If she asks you stupid or boring questions, then tease her about it. Give her a funny answer and move on to your questions.

4. Smile. Don’t over smile, but keep a nice warm and friendly smile. Give out a positive energy that you are fun.

5 .Establish Good Eye Contact. Look at her straight in the eyes when you talk to her. Try to keep looking at her throughout your conversation, it is only for a few moments but it displays confidence and builds attraction.

This is a great way to meet girls, because you can to meet a variety of girls in one go, you get to see them in person and instantly develop chemistry and attraction.

Finally, when you do get a date via speed dating, you will have so many venues to pick from to take her to in a great city like London. I would suggest going to a lounge in your first outing, perhaps in one of the trendy bars in either Hoxton Square, Soho, Chelsea (if you are into posh places) or Angel.

That is it for this article on speed dating in London.

If you want to learn how to attract beautiful women and learn more about great dating techniques then visit my website to get your hands on my FREE course which will give you the tools to attract and date beautiful women!

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London Dating Services

Of course, true love is above all possible borders and even time but people are too practical to comply with this point of view and take a practical approach to this matter. They tend to find their perfect match somewhere beside them, in their local area to avoid leaving for another city, climate changes if one has to move to other countries, etc. People usually want to combine both love and comfort. If you share these views too then concentrate on personals from your region.

For example, you live in London and want to get acquainted with a person near you then choose a London dating site. The matter is that using a London online dating service, you won`t have to search among hundreds of thousands of profiles from other cities. Be sure if you are a Londoner, then London dating is just what you need. Fortunately, there is a great number of London dating sites and dating UK sites with special sections for people who want to find someone in their native city.

Find your partner locally and don`t think much of people who may match you perfectly but live somewhere far away from you. You know, love is much more complicated than it may seem. Problems connected with resettlement or rare dates caused by inability to see each other every day may have a strong negative impact on your relationship. Love is fragile especially on the first stages of its development. If you see each other seldom, you may constantly think that your partner dates someone else except you or these rare dates prevent you from better understanding of your partner, learning their habits, views and the way they get on with other people. Don`t follow examples of romantic novels and their main characters that are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of love. Maybe such a kind of loving really exists somewhere but think carefully: do you really need such a love which may spoil all your plans and turn you into a slave of your love?

The answer is obvious, it`s nonsense!

Let`s come down to earth from the clouds. You are a Londoner. Find your love here and don`t look for anything else. Avoiding problems connected with distance you will create all needed conditions for your love to flourish.

Visit London dating sites, London chat rooms, concentrate on London dating and personals from your local area only. You will definitely find someone there, the choice is huge, so you have nothing to lose but everything to gain! Chat rooms on London dating sites offer you interesting topics for discussion. London dating online services can change your life tremendously. Just visit one of these dating sites and will see that it is true. Find someone locally in London and go out on dates!

If you are fond of online flirting and don`t want to meet your new friends in real life, you must understand clearly that these virtual relationships have no future. Frankly speaking you are wasting your time for nothing because you will eventually come to zero result. Is it just what you really need?

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Avoid These Traps When Going Into Online Dating

There can be a variety of problems when utilizing online dating sites.

Some sites expect members to subscribe “blind,” meaning that users have had little or no ability to search or preview the profiles they will get to see. eHarmony is one example of this kind of site.

A majority of dating sites keep profiles online for months or even years since the last time the person has logged in, thereby making it seem as though there are more available members than there actually are.

For paying members, it is often unclear whether a potential contact has a full subscription and whether he or she will be able to reply. Some sites prevent a potential contact from even reading a paying member’s messages unless the contact also subscribes. There are still, however, a few established free dating sites that allow users to reply to messages.

Some sites require that both the sender and recipient of messages be subscribers before any off-site communication or contact can be arranged, and will filter messages to remove email addresses, telephone numbers, web addresses and surnames. Subscribers who attempt to circumvent this restriction may lose their membership and be removed from the site.

Some profiles may not represent actual daters, but are “bait profiles” that have been placed there by the site owners to attract new paying members. Both Yahoo Personals and Match.com have received several complaints about this tactic. Some users spam sites with “fake” profiles that are in reality advertisements to other services, such as prostitution, multi-level marketing, or other personals websites.

Even when members’ profiles are “real”, there is still an inherent lack of trust with other members. Many members misrepresent themselves by telling flattering ‘white lies’ about their height, weight, age, or by using old and misleading photos. Members can, of course, ask for an up-to-date photograph before meeting others. Matrimonials Sites are a variant of online dating sites, and these are geared towards meeting people for the purpose of getting married. Gross misrepresentation is less likely on these sites than on ‘casual dating’ sites. Casual dating sites are often geared more towards short term (potentially sexual) relationships.

Online predators find online dating sites especially attractive, because such sites give them an unending supply of new targets of opportunity for Internet fraud. A recent study, led by Dr. Paige Padgett from the University of Texas Health Science Center, found that there was a false degree of safety assumed by women looking for love on the internet, exposing them to stalking, fraud, and sexual violence. Some online dating sites conduct background checks on their members in an attempt to avoid problems of this nature.

Most members are enticed to join dating websites with free or low-priced “trial” memberships advertised on many other websites. On sites which require credit card information to join at all, these trial memberships may automatically become full memberships at the end of the trial period and charge the full monthly fee, without any additional action from the member, regardless of whether the member has actually used the services or not.

Some members have expressed complaints about the billing practices of certain dating sites. In some cases, trial memberships that were canceled within the trial period were automatically re-billed even after canceling. To avoid these potential problems, some users have advised using a virtual credit card number which is offered by several credit card companies.

On any given dating site, the sex ratio is commonly unbalanced. For example, eHarmony’s membership is about 58% female and 42% male, whereas the ratio at Match.com is about the reverse of that. When you get into the specialty niche websites where the primary demographic is male, you typically get a very unbalanced ratio of male to female or female to male. Niche sites cater to people with special interests, such as sports fans, racing and automotive fans, medical or other professionals, people with political or religious preferences (e.g. Jewish), people with medical conditions (e.g. HIV+, obese), or those living in rural farm communities.

Disreputable sites such as Quechup may harvest users’ personal information and contacts for use in e-mail spam.

Consolidation within the online dating industry has led to different newspapers and magazines now advertising the same website data base under different names. In the UK, for example, Time Out (‘London Dating’), The Times (‘Encounters’), The Daily Telegraph (‘Kindred Spirits’), all offer differently named portals to the same service — meaning that a person who subscribes through more than one publication has unwittingly paid more than once for access to just one site.

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What is Sun Online Dating?

Sun online dating is one of the hundreds of dating online services you can use. They will connect you to the person you are looking to spend your life with. One thing that sun online dating promises is safety. A single dating online wants to hear that he or she is safe. You have everything to gain when you choose the online way of dating with the sun. First, you will not only save money but time as well. Singles dating online are very specific, when it comes to what they want. This is the reason why online connections tend to be faster than the traditional way of meeting. This is an age where many have access to the Internet and, there is no excuse for you not to get registering. Sun online dating service is the best place to begin. It is responsible for many success stories and, I came across one particular story that caught my eye. This is the story of Phil and Michelle who met this way. The young professionals were skeptical at first when joining but, it all turned out to be magical. Michelle who is 28 was encouraged by friends to try sun online dating after being single for a while. She gave in to the pressure and joined. After a week, she got a response from a funny guy who, according to her, had the most interesting profile. This was the beginning of serious phone calls and emails. Phil lived in Plymouth while Michelle in London.

Their first date was very tense but, in the end, they only confirmed what was happening; a couple had fallen in love. To cut the long story short, they bought a house together and they are engaged to be married. Joining sun online dating agency is the best thing they ever did. If you are single, this might very well be your story. There are other testimonials that will encourage you to go ahead and take the risk. The process of registration is free and, pretty simple too. You will need to write a profile that will appeal to a cross section of singles. There are tips that will guide you into how an excellent profile can be achieved. The site will not only provide this tips but, it will give you some advise on online dating. Take advantage of it and get empowered. Knowing the exact qualities you want in a partner will go a long way making your matches easier. There are people who have unrealistic expectations about the partner they are hoping to meet. Keep in mind that all singles are only human and, they may not meet your ideal specifications. After you have a match, you will start communicating and exploring ways to make a connection. You might have to talk to several suitors before you land on the person you like most.

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How to Choose the Online Dating Site For You

So, you are back in the dating game and all your friends are happily settled in relationships. How are you ever going to find love again? Well, the first port of call for most singles now is online dating. Great, so all you have to do is sign up and away you go. Correct, but with thousands of dating sites out there, how do you know which one to choose?

Firstly, be sure to know what you are actually looking for. Have you just come out of a long term relationship and are looking to date around for a bit or have you been single for a while and finally realised it is time to settle down?!

If you are looking to settle down with someone, then you are better off choosing a relationship site. These sites often require far more detail about you than your average dating websites, which helps narrow down your compatible match that much more. You will have to be prepared to fill out numerous online forms, but this will all be worth it once you start searching for your perspective partner as you will be able to know a lot about that person before contacting them, giving you a better chance of success.

Also, there are many niche dating sites these days, there will almost certainly be one that suits your hobbies. For example, if you enjoying cycling, search for “cycling singles” and you will find tailored dating site for bike lovers. If it is skiing you enjoy, then there will be a selection of sites out there for you. This is a great way to narrow down your search for a perfect partner, as you already know you have a hobby in common and conversation will not be lacking.

For those of you that are looking just to date in your local area, then most cities and towns have dating sites specific to your area. Again do a search on “Your area dating” ie London Dating and you will more than likely find sites to join. If not, most of the major dating sites have plenty of members in all places now, as there are so many people online dating these days.

If you are unable to afford the monthly subscription that most dating sites charge, then have a look around for free dating sites. There are a few out there now and some have an abundance of members.

If you are looking to meet new people and see where it takes you, then there are a plethora of dating sites, full of people from all age ranges. The dating business is now a billion dollar industry which is due to the rising number of members joining these sites every day. All these sites used to incur a monthly charge, but these days, if you look around, you will be able to find some free dating sites that will have plenty of users just waiting to take you out!

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UK Online Dating Service – 5 Hot Tips You Must Know to Avoid Falling Into Scams!

Are you a single living in the beautiful cities of London, Cambridge, Nottingham, or Oxford? Maybe you are an American who just moved there or a student studying abroad. Maybe you are looking for a meaningful relationship while you’re there. Hmm…Ever think of joining a UK online dating service?

Maybe you just want to have some good old-fashioned singles’ fun. Of course, you work during the week but on the weekends, you want to experience the advantages of living in the UK. You see singles on the street and you think to yourself, ‘How can I meet people like that?’

Okay, you are ready then how does one know what’s important in an efficient UK online dating service? These questions, all legitimate inquiries, can be answered with a few quick hot tips regarding specifics to look for when choosing a dating service. Follow these pieces of advice and you’ll be exploring the Tower of London with the companion of your dreams safely!

Hot Tip No: 1

Be weary of free dating services. Nothing in this world is for free. Anything that says otherwise is running some kind of scam, fraud, or a plan to sell peoples’ personal information; stay as far away as possible. Most reputable UK online dating service requires payment and some kind of photo identification.

Hot Tip No: 2

Make sure to ask for recommendations before trusting any UK online dating service with your personal information. Ask your local friends which online dating services are true to their advertisements and which are the most dependable. Ask other English locals which dating website they signed up with to meet their significant others.

Hot Tip No: 3

It’s important to be well equipped with the knowledge of the best Internet sites so you don’t end up joining a fraudulent UK online dating service. Additionally, try to find websites with other singles like you i.e. from the same personality category, the same sexual orientation, the same ethnicity etc. This specialized UK online dating website will serve your interests and needs more accurately than a free-for-all dating sites (geared towards everyone.)

Hot Tip No: 4

Make sure you look for internet dating services equipped with the features you seek. If you want a more personalized, specialty UK online dating service with additional features geared towards relationships, make sure you seek those. Not all dating services are the same, especially in the UK.

Hot Tip No: 5

Search for customer reviews and success stories, look for recommendations online, and seek out the ratings for that particular UK online dating service. Make sure you know their backgrounds and the user bases. Compare each dating site you find with other sites and make a list of pros and cons.

You don’t want to throw your money anywhere without the reassurance that it’s being well spent. After becoming truly knowledgeable about this UK internet dating service, trust your instinct. Go with the one you think will yield the most singles matches.

If you follow these 5 pieces of hot tips on choosing the best UK online dating service, I guarantee that you will not only have the time of your life, but you might even form a lasting relationship. The romantic UK atmosphere will sweep you and your companion off the ground and into the clouds!

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Make 50k A Month With An Online Dating Site

It has been well documented that online dating is a phenomenon which has changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Two out of every five singletons in Europe and the USA aged 25 – 40 have used an on line service to either find a partner, or simply to enhance their social lives by making new friends.

This exponential explosion in the dating sector has meant that many companies owning and operating the sites themselves have come from a standing start to generating significant revenues in a matter of just a few months. It is possible to make a small fortune from online dating but, then again, it’s just as possible to lose your shirt. For every successful site, there are five others which simply ‘got it wrong’. If you follow these few basic guidelines, you could join the cyber-revolution which has not only become a lifestyle choice in itself for a great many consumers, but an extremely profitable market for webmasters to enter.

1. Niche works. Yes, we all know the names of the global dating sites which dominate the sector, but if you want to create a site that attracts millions of members, you are going to need very deep pockets just to get on the first rung of the ladder. There are a great many very successful sites that either cater to special interest groups such as bikers, military personnel etc or geo-targeted sites that cover just one country or even one city. The advantage of this kind of concept is that it is much easier and cheaper to promote than a service which attracts all-comers. The sophistication of online marketing, particularly the various pay-per-click search engines, enables you to target your audience very specifically thereby maximising your return on investment without having to overly stretch your financial resources.

2. Don’t over-complicate the design of the site. The primary aim of the homepage should be to encourage visitors to register with your service, not to marvel at your use of different colours or design features. Stick to just two colours (one should preferably be blue – the colour of trust) on a white background and avoid flashing buttons at all costs.

3. Keep your proposition simple. If a dating site looks so complicated that only ‘teccies’ can use it, you’ll lose most of your audience as soon as they land on your homepage. The most successful dating sites tend to offer a very basic system of picture profiles and secure messaging. People sign-up, create their profiles, upload their photos and start sending email messages to other members with whom they think they might be compatible. It’s easy and you don’t have to have a degree in computer sciences to do it. But there are many sites out there which offer a bewildering array of features – video profiles, psychological profiling and the like; all very expensive to integrate and manage and most, to be frank, are a complete waste of time and money.

4. Offer a free trial. This might seem rather ironic in an article which purports to tell you how to create a profitable business, but in order to get your members to pay you a subscription fee, you have to get them to register with your site in the first instance. If you let people have a look around, browse through the database and perhaps send a couple of messages to other people, they are far more likely to want to subscribe than if you ask them to do so straight away without giving them a taste of what your site can offer.

5. Populate your database as quickly as possible. People follow other people when they join dating sites and if your site looks like it hasn’t got many members, then people will give it a wide berth. When you launch, it’s well worth you doing a limited email marketing campaign which offers a free subscription to founder members. Remember, the hardest part of creating a successful online dating business is to get your first 100 registrants – you want them there in week one and the quickest way to do that is to offer a freebie to your first sign-ups. You’re not losing money – these are the most important members and without them your business will not get past first base.

6. Spend your marketing budget wisely. You don’t have to throw money at a dating site in order to promote it effectively – you just have to be smart. Establish an affiliate programme with one of the main networks operating in your country as soon you launch your site. Affiliates are third party web-sites which refer traffic to your business on a revenue sharing basis. You don’t have to pay affiliates to join your programme, you just offer them a percentage of any subscription revenue which they generate and this is the most cost-effective way of promoting yourself. And you should also avoid generic search-terms when you instigate pay-per-click campaigns on the major engines. Keywords like ‘dating’ and ‘online dating’ are expensive to bid on and convert less well than niche terms which are more applicable to the actual concept of your site. If, for example, you are running a dating service for singles living in Chicago, keywords like ‘Chicago dating’ or ‘singles in Chicago’ will be relatively cheap to bid on and will yield a far better conversion rate than the more general terms.

7. Offer good customer service. Remember, your members are real people many of whom will not be as computer savvy as you are and when any of them contact the site with a problem (a forgotten password or log-in difficulties are usually the most common), you should endeavor to respond as soon as you are able. An unanswered message is the easiest way to actually lose a member so don’t ignore or put off answering the mails that you will inevitably receive.

8. Communicate with your members. I’ve left this point until last but it it just as important as anything I’ve mentioned above. A weekly newsletter to your database will encourage people to log-in to their accounts on a regular basis (particularly if they are able to click through directly from the email to the site without having to log-in) and will also help to foster an emotional bond between your business and it’s paying customers. Every business to consumer online entity should have a human face and site owners who ignore this do so at their peril.

So there you have it; take heed of the eight snippets of advice that I have outlined above and you too can reap the substantial rewards on offer in this exciting and vibrant market sector.

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Travel to London and Feel at Home

Mix with the local people at Camden Town where you will find the most intriguing of artists’ workshops and a selection of foods off of the beaten path. There are also many free attractions available for those watching their money and inexpensive housing choices also.

Museums abound with the world-famous British Museum that highlights Parthenon sculptures and mummies of Ancient Egypt. European paintings from the 13th to 19th centuries can be found at the National Gallery including Van Gogh, Renoir, da Vinci and Titian. For those that want to be wowed, the Natural History Museum has the biggest, tallest and rarest animal collection on earth. See a 40-million-year-old spider and a life-sized Blue Whale. All of these attractions are free to the public and a sight to see.

Go online and find the best accommodations in private holiday apartments and flats that will make your visit more comfortable. Costing less than that of a hotel, there are many different styles of home living to choose from depending on the area desired and your taste. From studio apartments to lavish 2 and 3 bedroom models, holiday apartments offer a home-live environment where you can fix your own meals, relax in a separate living/dining area and have all the amenities of home for less than the price of a hotel.

Spotted all over the city, you will find living quarters close to your favorite attractions or within walking distance of the public transportation system. The décor of these apartments can sometimes put upscale hotels to shame because they are privately owned and owners compete to bring you the most up-to-date in style and comfort during your stay. The latest in electronic equipment, fully equipped kitchens and washing machines are a few of the features that can be found in a modern styled apartment of your choosing.

Watch the changing of the guards, visit the Tower of London or duck off of the tourist trail and discover new friends and like-minded people. Invite new acquaintances over to your apartment where you can share new ideas and stories. London is full of friendly locals that are happy to share their way of life and having your own apartment makes it possible for entertaining.

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An Exciting Trip to London

London is one of the favourite tourist spots for many tourists from all around the globe. It has a variety of free and paid attractions to boast of. To have a fair idea about some of the most popular attractions of London before you travel to this city, read ahead.

As quoted by Dr Samuel Jones: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” This statement proves to be right as London is a paradise in itself with a large variety of attractions and activities to mesmerise its visitors. Being visited by millions of tourists every year, London remains one of the most sought-after holiday destinations. Some of the popular attractions of London are discussed below.

Buckingham Palace: The palace serves as the official residence and office of the Queen. Some State Rooms of the palace are open to visitors in summer when the Queen goes for her annual vacation to Scotland. The best sight here is the change of the guards which happen on a daily basis or on alternate days depending upon the season.

The British Museum: This museum is full of treasures from all over the world. It is better to visit the museum with ample time at hand as it takes at least a week to cover all the artefacts in the museum which are more than seven million in number.

Art Galleries: There are many art galleries in the city among which the most famous are the Tate Modern and the National Gallery. The Tate Modern is a modern art gallery with a large collection of works of international modern and contemporary art dating from 1900 until today. The National Gallery, similarly, has a huge collection of Western European paintings from 13th to 19th centuries.

Tower of London: This is a marvellous castle which was built to serve the royal prisoners. The Tower of London, also known as the White Tower, has been used for executions and torture, as an observatory, zoo and for many other purposes.

Trafalgar Square: This area was built to commemorate the victory of the British in the Battle of Trafalgar. This area is known for the statues and sculptures displayed on the square.

Covent Garden: Covent Garden has lots of shops, restaurants, bars, street performers, theatres and the Royal Opera House. This is one of the busiest areas in London

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London Traveling Tips For the Cost Conscious

London is an expensive city for Americans considering the exchange rate favors the English pound and not the dollar. However, there are some tips you should know to get a great London touring experience while not breaking the bank.

Museums in London are free! Since when does this happen in America? This is a great asset for London sightseers. Kids and adults alike will like the Science Museum next to the Museum of Natural History. Also worth visiting is the British Museum, with its Egyptian mummies, Greek statues, and so much more.

Take advantage of public transportation and use “The Tube.” “The Tube” is a great way to get around for a reasonable cost. Kids under five travel free. You can even buy your tickets online for a better deal.

Bring Snacks with you. As I mentioned before, the dollar won’t buy as much in London so pack your suitcases with snacks in order to save a bundle of money.

Check out the Thames River. The Thames River has many areas that are great for walking and people watching. You might even be lucky enough to see a street performer.

The top London attractions are very popular and often sell out during the summer. If you are interested in a tour or too make sure you book well in advance of your travel date. Book online for the best deals. A couple months in advance is usually a good idea.

Other ways to cut costs including staying in a hotel where breakfast is provided or even better yet, where there is a kitchen to cook your own food.

Also, look for dollar to pound deals. London often gives incentives for USA travelers is a good way to save money. A number of places offer deals like this: Thistle Hotels, for example does.

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