5 Super Tips on How to Dominate in London Speed Dating

Speed dating is an over-looked form of dating that can yield fantastic results. As we are becoming more busy in our professional lives or are busy studying a course, it becomes harder to find the time to meet a potential dating partner. Especially, in a fast-paced city like London.

A city like London is extremely cosmopolitan and offers a wide-range of social options, from visiting great pubs and clubs, to strolling in fantastic parks such as Hyde Park and Regents Park, to visiting the scores of historic museums and art galleries. With so many cultures meeting in meeting which is shown in the wide-range of cuisine and activities on offer, London is a perfect spot for one to hit the single dating scene.

However, there is a setback in such a large city when it comes to dating.

For a long time your options were limited to meeting girls through your friends, work or out in bars and clubs. Well if there are no potential dates you can meet through your friends or work (I personally like to avoid dating people at work) then you are really limited to meeting girls at bars and clubs. However, the types of girls you meet at girls and bars and club might not be what you are looking for.

For one it is harder to start a conversation and secondly they normally flock in group of friends, which makes it even harder to meet them. But don’t get me wrong, there are ways to meet girls in bars and clubs and I do teach techniques on how to do that, but that is left for another time.

So what are your remaining options then?

Well in the last couple of years online dating has taken off and that seems to be growing in popularity. That was once considered a taboo form of dating and was frowned up. Very few people participated in online dating and the ones who did were normally nerdy or socially awkward. However, that also has changed and has been turning into a mainstream form of dating. But still there are many issues with online dating.

For one you can never be sure if they look like their picture. Believe me, I been through this many times. Secondly, just because you get on via e-mail doesn’t mean you will build chemistry in person. The bottom line it can be quite time consuming and not give you a good return for your efforts.

So this leaves us with: Speed Dating!

This can be a great way to meet potential dates. The way it works is it is an interaction with a mixed group of people, about 20 guys and 20 girls. You usually meet at a bar (in a private section) where a bunch of tables I spread out. Each girl sits at a table and the guys rotate talking to each girl. You have about 2-3 minutes, sometimes 5-10 minutes to speak to each girl then the bell rings and you move to the next one. This can be an excellent strategy to meet girls to date.

So I’m going to share with you my: 5 Super Tips For Speed Dating In A City Like London:

1. Don’t act like everyone else and ask the same stupid questions. Yes you heard me, you will be surprised how many women get bored out of their mind with stupid or dull questions they get asked. Never ask the questions like “Where are you from?”, “What do you do for a living?”…blah blah blah…..Big no no”

2. Ask Fun and Creative Questions. That Makes You Seem Exciting and Interesting. This does wonders. Remember, you only got a few minutes to make an impression, so better make it good. Ask questions like “What’s your favourite place you visited?”. Ask her questions about food, music, adventure. Keep the questions light and fun.

3. You Take The Lead. Make sure you are the one asking the questions. If she asks you stupid or boring questions, then tease her about it. Give her a funny answer and move on to your questions.

4. Smile. Don’t over smile, but keep a nice warm and friendly smile. Give out a positive energy that you are fun.

5 .Establish Good Eye Contact. Look at her straight in the eyes when you talk to her. Try to keep looking at her throughout your conversation, it is only for a few moments but it displays confidence and builds attraction.

This is a great way to meet girls, because you can to meet a variety of girls in one go, you get to see them in person and instantly develop chemistry and attraction.

Finally, when you do get a date via speed dating, you will have so many venues to pick from to take her to in a great city like London. I would suggest going to a lounge in your first outing, perhaps in one of the trendy bars in either Hoxton Square, Soho, Chelsea (if you are into posh places) or Angel.

That is it for this article on speed dating in London.

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