London Traveling Tips For the Cost Conscious

London is an expensive city for Americans considering the exchange rate favors the English pound and not the dollar. However, there are some tips you should know to get a great London touring experience while not breaking the bank.

Museums in London are free! Since when does this happen in America? This is a great asset for London sightseers. Kids and adults alike will like the Science Museum next to the Museum of Natural History. Also worth visiting is the British Museum, with its Egyptian mummies, Greek statues, and so much more.

Take advantage of public transportation and use “The Tube.” “The Tube” is a great way to get around for a reasonable cost. Kids under five travel free. You can even buy your tickets online for a better deal.

Bring Snacks with you. As I mentioned before, the dollar won’t buy as much in London so pack your suitcases with snacks in order to save a bundle of money.

Check out the Thames River. The Thames River has many areas that are great for walking and people watching. You might even be lucky enough to see a street performer.

The top London attractions are very popular and often sell out during the summer. If you are interested in a tour or too make sure you book well in advance of your travel date. Book online for the best deals. A couple months in advance is usually a good idea.

Other ways to cut costs including staying in a hotel where breakfast is provided or even better yet, where there is a kitchen to cook your own food.

Also, look for dollar to pound deals. London often gives incentives for USA travelers is a good way to save money. A number of places offer deals like this: Thistle Hotels, for example does.

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